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What should I take into consideration when purchasing a horse?

The Best of the Best

The best of the best when it comes to gifts is, of course, a horse. This gift, however, is one that you should put much consideration into—it is both a financial and time investment. Pick a price range and stick to it. And, add up all of the costs that the horse will acquire on a yearly basis. Can you afford it? If you can afford the financial aspect of it, make sure that the recipient will be willing to put the time in to care for the animal. If you are giving the horse to a child make sure the child is ready for the responsibility. Sit the child down and review all aspects of animal care, from stable cleanliness to mane and tail perfection.

When selecting a horse - try before you buy. Work and ride the horse a few times before you fork over the cash. It is very important that you (or the recipient) and a horse mesh well. Additionally, have a veterinarian examine the animal thoroughly to make sure there aren't any medical conditions. And, if you can't get a veterinarian to see the horse before you buy, add a conditional clause in the contract that you may receive a full refund if the horse is ill or has a condition that hinders it in any way.

what gift can i give to help control flies on horses?

Give the Gift of Pest Control

Flies can be a hassle to horses and riders, especially in the summer months. Why not provide your equine loving friend with a way to keep those pests at bay. Flies chowing down on a horse can lead him into frenzy—especially when the flies position themselves in the exact spot on the horse's rump that he can't reach. A fly cape can help solve this problem. The cape extends behind the saddle and covers the rear end and flanks of the horse providing great protection. In addition, a cape composed of open weave polyvinyl can wick away moisture and even protect the animal from the sun.

Another great gift to help keep the flies away is a set of horsehair tassels that hang from the bridles and saddles, and sway in a way that discourages pests from landing on the horse. The tassels are generally used on the front or rear cinches and create movements that keep flies away from the stomach and legs. If placed on the reins, however, they can also shoo flies away from the shoulder area.

What should I look for in a raincoat?

Keep That Horse Dry

If you're short on ideas for unique horse gifts, why not pick a gift that will keep that equine warm and dry! Horse raincoats are useful and smart gifts that any horse nut will appreciate.
Horse raincoats come in two main styles. The first style is made from a waterproof material (it looks like a turnout sheet) and it is used in the pen or pasture. The second type covers the entire horse and is a little cooler on the animal.

When shopping for a turnout rain sheet, look for one that is durable and can withstand wear. Keep in mind that horses are clever and like to chew and tear. Also, be sure that it is both waterproof a breathable—you don't want to overheat the animal. Additionally. Keep in mind that a good rain sheet will have sealed seams that will not be destroyed in poor weather conditions.

How should a horse's mane and tail be cared for?

Mind the Mane and Tail

When it comes to show time, every inch and aspect of a horse will be judged. Not only does a horse need to give a good showing in the event, but it also needs to have an impeccable appearance from mane to tail. If you have a friend who is a horse nut and is into competing, it is likely that their horse is in pristine condition. From a good diet to a vigorous training routine, keeping the horse in award-winning condition is physically demanding. Why not help them with the appearance side of things?

On the day of a show, a competing horse's mane and tail should look flawless. A good set of mane and tail conditioner, a tail bag, a good detangler, and a great brush is one of the best unique horse gifts that you can give to horse lover. This way, they'll be equipped with all of the things needed to put the finishing touches on that horse.

A horse's tail and mane should be washed once a month. And, after washing, a conditioner and rinse should be applied and worked through with the fingers (anything tangled in the hair should be removed). Next, the mane and tail should be brushed thoroughly. Want to know a secret? You can protect a horse's tail by braiding it loosely and keeping it in a tail bag when the horse is out to pasture or in a stable.

How should I thank the individuals that are so helpful to me and my horse's needs?

I'd Like to Thank...

Giving great equestrian gifts to the special individuals that help you and your horse on a regular basis is a great idea—not to mention great incentive for them to keep up the good work. Here's a helpful list of potential recipients that should get you on the right track:

• The tack store manager who saw to your special orders
• The veterinarian who always comes out when you need him
• The stable manager who took extra special care of the horses
• The farrier who never misses a beat—or a loose shoe
• The farmer who gets your hay to you in a timely fashion
• The riding instructor who is turning your children into show stoppers

Remember that showing thanks never goes out of style and the people that you appreciate the most will truly appreciate the gesture!

What kind of gift should I give to a horse lover?

Horse Lover Gifts

Know a special someone who loves horses? Want to repay someone for helping you care for your horse? There are countless gifts for horse lovers that are perfect for any occasion. If you're having trouble finding the right gift, here are some suggestions:

• Gift certificates to online horse supply stores, tack shops or hardware stores
• Equestrian magazine subscriptions
• Memberships to equestrian-related organizations
• Services (clinics, equine dental, farrier, or even massages for the horse)
• Something to keep in the stable: space heater, first-aid kit, coffee maker, a radio, fan, etc.
• A nice horse blanket
• A new stable kit (tools, snaps, leather straps, screw eyes, etc.)
• A tractor kit (spare parts, tire repair, hand tools
• Fence repair (staples, hinges, ties, electrical clips, etc.)
• Competition equipment, (cones, barrels, jumps, etc.)
• Bales of hay or bedding

How should I select clippers for horse grooming?

Give a Grooming Gift

Every horse needs to be groomed, and for this very reason clippers make a thoughtful and useful horse lover gift. When selecting clippers, first think about what type of jobs they'll perform. Will they be used for simple trims and light touch-ups? If so, the clippers you select will not need to be very powerful. If they'll be used to clip the winter hair off a working horse, however, you'll want powerful clippers with a little more bite. Here are some other clipper shopping tips:

• If the horse is easily spooked by loud noises, it's a good idea to select clippers with a quiet motor.

• When selecting clippers, remember that lightweight clippers should only be used for small jobs—if they are used to groom an entire horse they will burn out.

• Don't just pick any pair of clippers- peruse through all of the options. Pick up the different models and get a feel for them before selecting one.

• If you have the chance, try out clippers that other horse owners use and see how well they work.

• Read reviews on clippers and ask for recommendations.

What is a quarter sheet used for?

Help Protect That Horse

Quarter sheets, also called exercise rugs, are great unique horse gifts. These sheets are used to warm a horse during warm-ups and work activities in cold weather. If the horse is not kept warm, the muscles could cool rapidly and lead to cramping or chilling. When a horse is wet he will lose heat a lot more rapidly than if he were dry. Therefore, if a horse becomes sweaty after a workout and is not protected by a quarter sheet he could be at risk. Blanketed stabled horses that have closely clipped coats are the best candidates for benefiting from quarter sheets. The sheets should be placed either under the saddle or around it.

Quarter sheets are used for different things. They are capable of drying up moisture, keeping a horse warm, and preventing rapid cooling of the muscles. Even if the recipient already has a quarter sheet, owning multiple is useful—just like we need to wash our clothes, horses need to have their coverings laundered on a regular basis or sweat and dirt will build up.

What should I put in a horse gift basket?

Make a Horse Gift Basket

Sometimes, the perfect gift for a horse lover is also perfect for the horse. The perfect gift is something that will help a horse-owner cater to the object of their affection.

Everyone wants their horse to look great, especially if they are into competitive events. Help them make that horse shine on show day by giving them an assortment of products designed to beautify horses. Put all of the products in a huge wicker basket and top it off with a brightly colored bow. Here are some great product ideas to include in the assortment:

• Tail and mane shampoo and conditioner

• Tail and mane detangler

• Color enhancing products

• Cowboy Magic Super Body Shine

• Grooming brushes and combs

• Hoof pick

• New tack

• Weatherbeeta blanket

• Tail bag

• Saddle pad

What kind of equestrian gift can i buy for a child?

Gifts for the Young Horse Lover

Horse lovers come in all ages. If you know a child that is wild about equines but too young to mount a real one, why not buy a stuffed horse to ride? Sitting atop a plush Palomino is a fine way to pass the time until a child is old enough to hop into a real saddle. Or, how about a set of plastic horse figurines? A child can spend countless hours creating their own fantasy stable environment. How about an embellished horse sweatshirt or a cowgirl/cowboy outfit? Dress up never gets old.

If you know a child that has a love of horses, help to embrace it. If you really want to show them a taste equestrian life, take in a show or even a rodeo. Experiencing the excitement first hand will allow the child to gain a better appreciation for riding. And, if you really want her to learn about the animal, buy a book about different breeds of horses or an instructional beginner's riding book.

How should I choose a winter stable blanket?

Give That Horse a Blanket

If you're looking for a horse lover gift, why not give the gift of warmth—a stable blanket. When selecting a winter stable blanket you should look for one that is made of a comfortable material. Additionally, you should select one that will stay in place through rough weather (shifting often can damage the blanket so look for one with secures, like leg straps). A blanket with a cut back wither is also a good choice as it protects the mane. Additionally, a nylon lining will polish the coat while one made of natural fibers is likely to attract dirt and debris.

Any stable blanket that you choose should be strong enough to hold up when a horse rolls around. It doesn't, however, need to have the weatherproof qualities that a turnout blanket has, as it will not be used outdoors. The blanket should be able to keep a horse warm in temperatures ranging from -5 degrees to 35 degrees fahrenheit, but should not be too hot that it overheats him.

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