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Help Protect That Horse

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What is a quarter sheet used for?

Help Protect That Horse

Quarter sheets, also called exercise rugs, are great unique horse gifts. These sheets are used to warm a horse during warm-ups and work activities in cold weather. If the horse is not kept warm, the muscles could cool rapidly and lead to cramping or chilling. When a horse is wet he will lose heat a lot more rapidly than if he were dry. Therefore, if a horse becomes sweaty after a workout and is not protected by a quarter sheet he could be at risk. Blanketed stabled horses that have closely clipped coats are the best candidates for benefiting from quarter sheets. The sheets should be placed either under the saddle or around it.

Quarter sheets are used for different things. They are capable of drying up moisture, keeping a horse warm, and preventing rapid cooling of the muscles. Even if the recipient already has a quarter sheet, owning multiple is useful—just like we need to wash our clothes, horses need to have their coverings laundered on a regular basis or sweat and dirt will build up.



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