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Gifts for the Young Horse Lover

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What kind of equestrian gift can i buy for a child?

Gifts for the Young Horse Lover

Horse lovers come in all ages. If you know a child that is wild about equines but too young to mount a real one, why not buy a stuffed horse to ride? Sitting atop a plush Palomino is a fine way to pass the time until a child is old enough to hop into a real saddle. Or, how about a set of plastic horse figurines? A child can spend countless hours creating their own fantasy stable environment. How about an embellished horse sweatshirt or a cowgirl/cowboy outfit? Dress up never gets old.

If you know a child that has a love of horses, help to embrace it. If you really want to show them a taste equestrian life, take in a show or even a rodeo. Experiencing the excitement first hand will allow the child to gain a better appreciation for riding. And, if you really want her to learn about the animal, buy a book about different breeds of horses or an instructional beginner's riding book.



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