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Give a Grooming Gift

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How should I select clippers for horse grooming?

Give a Grooming Gift

Every horse needs to be groomed, and for this very reason clippers make a thoughtful and useful horse lover gift. When selecting clippers, first think about what type of jobs they'll perform. Will they be used for simple trims and light touch-ups? If so, the clippers you select will not need to be very powerful. If they'll be used to clip the winter hair off a working horse, however, you'll want powerful clippers with a little more bite. Here are some other clipper shopping tips:

• If the horse is easily spooked by loud noises, it's a good idea to select clippers with a quiet motor.

• When selecting clippers, remember that lightweight clippers should only be used for small jobs—if they are used to groom an entire horse they will burn out.

• Don't just pick any pair of clippers- peruse through all of the options. Pick up the different models and get a feel for them before selecting one.

• If you have the chance, try out clippers that other horse owners use and see how well they work.

• Read reviews on clippers and ask for recommendations.



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