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Mind the Mane and Tail

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How should a horse's mane and tail be cared for?

Mind the Mane and Tail

When it comes to show time, every inch and aspect of a horse will be judged. Not only does a horse need to give a good showing in the event, but it also needs to have an impeccable appearance from mane to tail. If you have a friend who is a horse nut and is into competing, it is likely that their horse is in pristine condition. From a good diet to a vigorous training routine, keeping the horse in award-winning condition is physically demanding. Why not help them with the appearance side of things?

On the day of a show, a competing horse's mane and tail should look flawless. A good set of mane and tail conditioner, a tail bag, a good detangler, and a great brush is one of the best unique horse gifts that you can give to horse lover. This way, they'll be equipped with all of the things needed to put the finishing touches on that horse.

A horse's tail and mane should be washed once a month. And, after washing, a conditioner and rinse should be applied and worked through with the fingers (anything tangled in the hair should be removed). Next, the mane and tail should be brushed thoroughly. Want to know a secret? You can protect a horse's tail by braiding it loosely and keeping it in a tail bag when the horse is out to pasture or in a stable.



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