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Give the Gift of Pest Control

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what gift can i give to help control flies on horses?

Give the Gift of Pest Control

Flies can be a hassle to horses and riders, especially in the summer months. Why not provide your equine loving friend with a way to keep those pests at bay. Flies chowing down on a horse can lead him into frenzy—especially when the flies position themselves in the exact spot on the horse's rump that he can't reach. A fly cape can help solve this problem. The cape extends behind the saddle and covers the rear end and flanks of the horse providing great protection. In addition, a cape composed of open weave polyvinyl can wick away moisture and even protect the animal from the sun.

Another great gift to help keep the flies away is a set of horsehair tassels that hang from the bridles and saddles, and sway in a way that discourages pests from landing on the horse. The tassels are generally used on the front or rear cinches and create movements that keep flies away from the stomach and legs. If placed on the reins, however, they can also shoo flies away from the shoulder area.



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