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I don´t seem to have natural ability with riding?

When You Lack Natural Ability

"Natural talent, no matter how great, will never make up for a lack of basic knowledge and skill; but solid basics, combined with real desire and commitment, will make any rider great." Anne Kursinski.

Is using my mind so influential while riding?

More On Use of The Mind While Riding

"Use your head for something besides a hat rack." Garland Bradshaw.

But what if I just want to quit?

Never Give Up!

"NEVER GIVE IN. NEVER! NEVER! NEVER!" Winston Churchill.

Universal love of horses is good for what?

Universal Love Of Horses

"A man that don't love horses, there is something the matter with that man." Will Rogers.

Do I need to constantly provide my horse with direction?

Providing a Horse With Direction

"You can only ride as well as you can guide." Jimmy Williams.

Should I keep encouraging a horse to move forward?

Encouraging A Horse

"You can run out of cluck's, but you will never run out of whoa's." Dick Obenauf.

What is the secret to success?

The Secret to Success

"Some succeed because they are destined to, but most of us succeed because we are determined to." Anonymous.

Should I try to out muscle a horse?

Brains VS Brute Strength

"Do NOT fight out of your weight division. You should not fight with a horse. You are not equal to a horse in physical strength, so therefore, it is necessary to outsmart the horse rather than to try and overpower him." Jimmy Williams.

How do I get ahead?

How To Get Ahead

"Work a little harder and think a little differently every day." Alvin Ruxer.

What makes for a great mouthed horse?

The Best Advise on Hand Control

"One pair of good hands is better than having a thousand different bits." Richard Shrake.

What do I do when I want to give up?

More On Not Giving Up

"All things are difficult before they will ever be easy." John Norley.

Why do I have to get back up onto a horse?

More On Not Wanting To Get Back On

"Whether life, or a horse that throws you, YOU get right back on." Anonymous.

What is a great seat/

The Seat of Greatness

"When you are on a great horse, you have the best seat that you will ever have." Winston Churchill.

Does timing matter with horses?

Timing is Everything

"Probably the most important part of training is timing. I am a firm believere it is just as important to know 'WHEN' as it is to know 'HOW'." Marty Mueller.

How do I know if I have it to succeed?

A Definition of Success

"My definition of success includes KNOWing what I want, ACCEPTing who I am, WORKing TO BALANCE these two, and then putting this into effect on a horse. If I can not do something off of a horse, then I will never be able to do it on a horse." Jill Keiser Hassler.

What preceeds actions?

What Preceeds Actions?

"The ancestor of every action is a thought." Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Riding seems dangerous?

Dangers of Riding

"To get profit without risk, experience without danger, reward without hard work; is as impossible as it is to live without being born." Harry Truman.

I feel silly always clucking to my horse?

More Forward Encouragement

"Don't be afraid to cluck to a horse, you won't hurt his feelings." Bob Robinson.

What are the ingredients of good hands?

The Secrets to Good Hands

Combination of Many Things.......
Soft, giving frequently to the horse...
Supple, feeling frequently the horse's mouth...
Firm on the reins...
Demanding, always asking more of the horse...
Give and take equally on the horse's mouth...
Talk to the horse, communicate through the reins...
Soft, tickle the horse's mouth in giving direction...
Versatile, always changing and adjusting to the moment...
Flexible, bending with the motion of the front end...
steady on the mouth...
Quick to change as necessary in a moment on the mouth...
Patient, waiting for the horse to respond...
Are the greatest asset in riding...
Are the development into a gift to a horse...
Are earned through hard work and lots of patience.

How do I become the best?

How Do I Become The Best?

"The secret of getting ahead is getting started." Anonymous.

Why do I have to get back on?

When You Don't Want To Get Back On

"Our greatest glory is not in never falling down (or off) but in getting up (or back on) every time." Confucius.

On Proper Use of a Double Bridle?

More On Setting A Head But With A Double Bridle

"Try to set your horse's head with the snaffle. You will always eventually run out of curb." Dick Obenauf.

Should anyone try to ride?

Use Your Talent To Your Best Ability

Here are some famous quotations taken from Trainers, Coaches, Riders and others to help you in your riding/driving and association with horses.

"Teach your students to use what talents that they have; the woods would be silent if no bird sang except those that sung best." Anonymous.

Should I buy expensive tack for showing?

Equipment VS Hard Work

"Don't think that expensive equipment will make up for any lack of talent and hard work and practice." H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

What is the easiest way to properly position myself in the saddle?

Proper Body Position

"The rider should sit as upright as possible so that each part of his body rests on that which is immediately below it." Francois Baucher.

Does the little things really matter with horses?

Don't Give Ground

"Never let your horse turn a corner unless he's been invited to." Edward Bennett.

The road seems like alot of hard work?

More Hard Work

"Genius is 1% inspiration, and 99% perspiration." Thomas Edison.

What is proper head carriage in a rider?

Proper Head Carriage of The Rider

"Keep your chin up, you should already know what color your horse is." Jimmy Williams.

Is riding with sensitivity to feel important?

The Sensitivity of Riding With Feeling

"Feeling is the truest sense of riding. If you don't collect yourself, you will never collect a horse properly." Annie Lawson Cowgill.

How do I win without fighting with a horse?

How 2 Win w/Horses W/Out Fighting

"Don't fight with a horse. Irritate him. He will then try to get away from irritation. Never punish a horse up to the point where he gets out of control." Jimmy Williams.

What is the best thing for bitting?

Very Important On The Mouth

"IF you bit a horse heavily, be sure to ride him light." Anonymous.

What is the benefit of a soft mouthed horse?

Beauty of a Soft Mouth

"That horse could pull a stuck car out of the mud with his mouth." Mitchell Clark.

Why is the use of the mind so important to a great rider/

Riding With Your Mind As Well

"You don't just ride on the horse's back, you must also ride his mind." Marty Mueller.

What is true competition?

True Competition

"It is great to win. It is also great to be in the thick of any truly well and hard-fought contest against opponents you respect, whatever the outcome." Jack Nicholaus.

What is the will to win?

The Will To Win

"Every time I go out there I think that I can win. If a horse has four legs, and I am riding that horse, I think that I will win." Angel Cardero Jr.

What are some of the greatest tips to success?

Greatest Tips For Success

"I am looking for a lot of men who have an infinite capacity to NOT know what can not be done." Henry Ford.

What else does no foot no horse mean?

No Foot No Horse ADDITION

"Among equestrians there is a saying that 'no foot, no horse'; you can add to that, 'no foot, no rider." Gayle Lampe.

What is a great tip for training?

Great Tip For Training

"Ask for a lot, when you receive a little bit by little bits, reward often." Jimmy Williams.

More info on a soft mouthed horse?

More On Soft Mouths

"If you have a good mouth on a horse you will have everything." Garland Bradshaw.

What exactly slows down a puller or runaway?

More Help With Pullers

"It is in the release, not in the pulling, that slows a horse down." Gayle Lampe.

Is giving direction really so important?

More On Direction

"IF you don't know where you are going, how can you expect your horse to know." Gayle Lampe.

Use of the mind while riding?

Thinking While Riding

"Think! You have to have it within your head before you can use it physically." Annie Lawson Cowgill.

Will I ever look good riding?

Will I Ever Look Good Riding?

"Riding form must be functional before it can become beautiful." Gayle Lampe.

Refinement of the natural aids means what?

Use of Natural Aids

"Your horse is pushed forward by his hindquarters rather than pulled ahead by his forelegs. Therefore, you need to use your seat and legs to activate that horse's hindquarters, rather than simply using your hands which would only communicate with the horse's forehand." Jimmy Williams.

When do I have full control of the horse?

Full Control of The Horse

"I like horses behind the hand and infront of the leg. The center of gravity is then placed between these two aids. It is only on this condition that the horse is absolutely under full control by the rider." Francois Baucher.

How do I keep my horse from second guessing everything?

Direction In General Flatwork

"Only touch one side of the mouth at a time, do not let the horse know where you are going; do not follow a pattern everytime with your reinwork. Keep them guessing, responsive and attentive. Let the horse follow your direction, don`t warn him in advance of your proposed direction; EXCEPT IN JUMPING!!!!!" Gayle Lampe & Mary McCrea

Why is direction so important?

Why IS direction so important?

"If you don't know where you are going, how can you expect to get there." Basil S. Walsh.

How do I control my horse?

More Control Over The Horse

"Control over horses will be based on the horse's willingness and ability to interpret the signals that he receives from his rider/trainer." Anonymous.

I don´t seem to have any luck?

Hard Work

"The harder that you work at something, the luckier you will get." Gary Player.

What is finesse-ing a horse?


"Fiddle a little (when touching a horse's mouth while riding)." Mason Phelps.

What is important about a horse´s mouth?

What Is Important About A Horse's Mouth?

"The mouth of any horse is the barometer of his body." Francois Baucher.

What are some strategies to use on pullers?

Strategies Against Pullers

"(in discussion about release of the contact with a horse's mouth)....this liberty gives such confidence to the horse that he unconsciously yields himself to his rider and becomes the rider's slave, whilst thinking in his own mind that he has preserved his independence." Francois Baucher. (1800's).

Why go on?

More On Wanting To Give Up

"Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. Talent will NOT, nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with lots of talent. Genius will NOT, unrewarded genius is almost proverbial. Education will NOT, the world is full of educated failures. Persistence and determination are alone omnipotent." Calvin Coolidge.

Proper training of a head set?

Setting A Horse's Head

"Teach a horse to overflex. Let him have his head down in the beginning. Then at a show, he will raise it up to the correct place. If you start off with the head in the right place at home, at a show, the horse will crank the head above the bit." Dick Obenauf.

How important is the lower leg?

Importance of That Lower Leg

"I completely believe that the position and use of the foot in the stirrup is the most important single element in riding a horse." Helen Crabtree

the necessity of artificial aids?

Artificial Aids

"It is far better to have it, and to not need it; than to not have it and to desperately need it" (in regards to using artificial aids when riding...such as the whip, or spurs). Gayle Lampe

Is kindness important to horses/

Kindness With Horses

"One of the most difficult things to give away to others is kindness, for it is usually returned to you 10 fold." Anonymous.

Will I improve if I improve my muscle development?

Development of Muscle Tone

"All of the form in the world is to no avail without good and sensitive muscle tone." Annie Lawson Cowgill.

am I giving my horse the correct signals?

Signals Clearly What You Want?

"Control over a horse will be based on his willingness and ability to interpret the signals that he receives from his rider." Author Unknown

Working with bitting?

More On Bitting

"It doesn't matter what kind of bridle I put on a horse, I have to teach him to wear it. I always have two bits, the one that I am teaching him to wear, and the one that I will teach him to wear." Garland Bradshaw.

Some people seem to always be fighting with horses?

Fighting With Horses

"The fights you avoid do you far more good than the ones that you will win." Dr. Alan Raun.

Where should my body be when riding?

Proper Form In The Saddle

"Sit tall in the saddle, don't ride a horse as though you have a stomach ache." Jimmy Williams.

Isn´t riding all natural ability?

Riding Is Natural Ability

"Three great essentials to achieve anything worthwhile are: 1)HARD WORK, 2)PERSISTENCE, 3)COMMON SENSE." Thomas Edison.

What is the ingredients of Great Hands?

More On Great Hands

"We have a favorite saying that hands are 99% BRAIN and 1% muscle." Helen Crabtree.

Does changing bits frequently influence a horse best?

The Unnecessity of Fancy Equipment

"When asked why most horsemen have invented their own bits," Francois Baucher (1800's) replied, "because in their wanting, thru personal science, they sought to replace their own insufficiency by aids or strange attachments." Francois Baucher.

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