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The Best of the Best

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What should I take into consideration when purchasing a horse?

The Best of the Best

The best of the best when it comes to gifts is, of course, a horse. This gift, however, is one that you should put much consideration into—it is both a financial and time investment. Pick a price range and stick to it. And, add up all of the costs that the horse will acquire on a yearly basis. Can you afford it? If you can afford the financial aspect of it, make sure that the recipient will be willing to put the time in to care for the animal. If you are giving the horse to a child make sure the child is ready for the responsibility. Sit the child down and review all aspects of animal care, from stable cleanliness to mane and tail perfection.

When selecting a horse - try before you buy. Work and ride the horse a few times before you fork over the cash. It is very important that you (or the recipient) and a horse mesh well. Additionally, have a veterinarian examine the animal thoroughly to make sure there aren't any medical conditions. And, if you can't get a veterinarian to see the horse before you buy, add a conditional clause in the contract that you may receive a full refund if the horse is ill or has a condition that hinders it in any way.



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