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The Hackney Pony Class Divisions

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what are the Class Divisions for the Hackney Pony?

The Hackney Pony Class Divisions

The most popular place for the Hackney pony today is the show ring. There they may be shown with either a cob tail or a long tail. The cob tail pony's tail is docked at about six inches long and its mane is braided into 14 tight little knobs with colored ribbon. The cob tail creates a clean image, close to the appearance of the traditional English carriage horse. The long-tail pony retains a long tail and long, flowing mane. The two types may be shown in the same classes or they may be divided into Hackney pony and Harness pony classes. The taste of the individual breeder or trainer and the specific breeding of the pony largely determine the style.



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