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Swedish Warmbloods-Origins

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how did the Swedish Warmblood start?

Swedish Warmbloods-Origins

The history of the Swedish horse closely follows that of humans in the region. Archeological evidence has been found for the existence of horses in what is now Sweden dating to 4,000 B.C. The original Scandinavian horse is said to be small, 12 to 14 hands, high spirited and having good endurance. In the sixteenth century a program was began to improve the quality of the native horses. Friesians were imported from the Netherlands to increase the size of the native stock. Other importations of various saddle breeds were made but the larger draft breeds were excluded from the importations. The major centers of this breeding was at the national stud farms of Kungsör, Strömsholm and Flyinge. The horses from these farms were often used in the royal stables.



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