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Signals Clearly What You Want?

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am I giving my horse the correct signals?

Signals Clearly What You Want?

"Control over a horse will be based on his willingness and ability to interpret the signals that he receives from his rider." Author Unknown



11/30/2011 12:30:10 AM
b skinner said:

As will the control over any creature with a CNS capable of processing the most basic yet threatening of stimuli and reacting physiologically in a predictable manner. The Key is the preconditioned reaction to a particular stimulation; the "ability" for deception through loss of trusted source reference; and of course, the quandary this idea represents to the observer, the subject, and the Observer (the ultimate authority {O} to which the observer and subject are subservient.) Potential for expanding fields without limits as pursuit never rests. Dangerous and seductive. Use Care.

11/30/2011 12:38:33 AM
b skinner said:

Mass motivational device not excluding a weapon... the potential enough for me is cause to pause and HAVE to really figure out... risk must be considered... Policy approach akin to Conservationish: "PUT IT BACK LEAVE IT ALONE OR FACE PENALTY. THE GOV'T"
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