Carriage Driving Preferences

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What consists of Carriage Driving?

Carriage Driving Preferences

In the Carriage Driving interests, the horses are slightly heavier, and stronger due to the increased size of the vehicle and the increased number of passengers. Carriages can range from simple and light weight buggies carrying two to four persons, to heavy, ornate and fancy multiple passenger vehicles. The most popular horse for this division is the famous Friesian Horse, from the movie "The Princess Bride". The big black horse with his long feathers on the legs and his proud and elegant carriage strikingly catches an eye wherever they go. They are driven four in hand; or a single; or a Team (two)(side by side); or Tandem (one in front of the other); a "Unicorn" which is two side by side, with a single in front. This division includes the combined driving events, which are found to parallel the Dressage and Eventing interests from the under saddle divisions.



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