The Fine Harness Preferences

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What does well in Fine Harness Divisions?

The Fine Harness Preferences

The Fine Harness Horse or Pony usually consists of the American Saddlebred, Morgan Horse, Hackney Horse or Pony, and the American Shetland or Miniatures. The Fine Harness Horse does an animated walk (which often appears to be an excessively collected trot...or a trot on the spot as the walk). The gaits in the Show Ring are the park walk, trot and park trot. The buggy is four wheeled and is very fine in craftsmanship, materials and design. The harness consists of the barest of all necessities of tack in order to reveal the beauty and refinement of the horse. In early days, only the very wealthy were able to have the showy and elegant Fine Harness Horse. Usually the creme de la creme of the equine breeds available, the horse is upheaded, animated in motion and very refined and elegant.



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