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Palomino Horse - Color Requirements

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How do I know the color requirements for a Palomino Horse?

Palomino Horse - Color Requirements

104. Palomino Color Characteristics:
A. The ideal body coat color is approximately the color of a United States gold coin.
B. The following body color traits are not acceptable:
1) A brown or black dorsal stripe along the spine.
2) Alternating bands of lighter and darker hairs running around the legs (zebra stripes) or across the withers (wither or neck stripes).
3) These include spotting and characteristics typical of paints, pintos, appaloosas, and albinos.
4) White hairs interspersed within the coat associated with the roan, grey, or rabicano patterns.
105. Skin Color. The skin must be dark colored (grey, black, brown, motley) without pink spots wherever it shows around the nose and eyes, under the tail, and between the hind legs, except for skin on the face which may be pink where it is a continuation of a white marking.

A. EXCEPTION: Horses also registered with the American Saddlebred Horse Association may have skin color of any shade.



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