Temperments For Parade Horses

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What kind of horse makes a good Parade Horse?

Temperments For Parade Horses

First of all when you are riding in Parades, you should have a very controllable horse! You will have crowds pressing in on you, and it is imperitive that your horse be safe and steady; to prevent anyone from jumping on the wagon to sue you for possibly endangering their children with your hot and unmanageable horse! You want a mount that can handle the stress of uncontrolled and multiple activity and distractions at a very close range. A horse that doesn't mind little people waving pinwheels at him/her or running across the street to "Dad" in front of your horse, or another one screaming because they want to pet the horse or yet another that is terrified and wants to go! All of these things are very real in a Parade.

Then you have the added bonus of the floats that precede and follow you. They may be marching bands, animated and ornate floats that are wired for deafening sound, or Parade vehicles that proceed along the route at the slowest rate of speed imaginable. All of these the Parade Horse MUST deal with, and in a calm and controlled manner. The horse must be tolerant of the unexpected and the startling occurances.



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