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Economical Arena Lighting

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Need suggestions on economically lighting a new 200`x70` outdoor arena

Economical Arena Lighting

Need suggestions on economically lighting a new 200`x70` outdoor arena
You can purchase from Eagle Hardware those outside halogen floodlights on vice grips, and then attach them to the rail or the post (depending upon the structure of the arena). Then run outdoor electrical extension cords along the top rail to each light. If you use PVC piping attached to the outside of the top rail, then run the extension cord through the PVC piping, thereby allowing you to leave the extension cords out in the arena (you don't want to do this though if you use the arena for a TO at all though). Run your main extension cord to your outlet, and again, if anyone has to walk over it, you are better off running the cord through PVC piping for safety sake! Depending upon the set up, you should unplug the main cord, and wind it up after each evening's use. Keeping the attachment ends circling the arena tucked safely inside of the PVC pipe to keep out of weather, or curious horses, pets or children! Hope this helps you out! Bye, Best, Mary.



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