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Feeding Rice Bran

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what are the pros and cons of feeding rice bran to horses?

Feeding Rice Bran

what are the pros and cons of feeding rice bran to horses
JFYI.....Rice Bran is listed in the tips categories. I currently have 4 horses. 2 are fed rice bran, 2 are not. It has the capacity to build fat content on the body of the horse very quickly; as well as maintain that fat level while the horse is fed Rice Bran. I would recommend it for specific horses that are undergoing high levels of activity, or poor keepers, or weanlings, or lactating mares, or stallions, and any other horse in which the condition is imperative; or when the horse's condition level can be subject to changes that would effect the weight or loss. Due to the high degree of "processed & digestible fat content" Rice Bran improves the coat condition as well. The cons is feeding to a horse that is prone to excessive weight gain....they could founder from too high of a diet in carbohydrates. Hope this helps, stop by our web site at Bye, Best Merry Christmas, Mary.



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