Horse Birthday cake

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Do you know where I can find recipes to make horse treats at home?

Horse Birthday cake

Horse Cake: 2 Cups of Quick Oats (use Quick Oats, not Whole or Flatted) Half Cup of Soaked Barley Quarter Cup of Pre-Ground Corn (grind whole flatted corn in a coffee grinder) Half Cup of Apple Sauce Quarter Cup of Molasses Quarter Cup of Maple Syrup (natural flavored) 3 TBSP Ground Flax 3 TBSP Seeds (Sunflower, peanut, pistaccio...ground up by a Coffee Grinder) Add 3 cups BOILING water (add water as necessary to mix, but not be runny or WET...keeping mixture of a dryer consistancy). Microwave on Medium Heat for about 3-5 minutes Cool, and top with thin Apple Slices from Red & Green Apples Serve Makes enough for one large horse meal!



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