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When do you start shoeing horses?

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When do you start shoeing horses?

When do you start shoeing horses?

When do you start shoeing horses? We have a 2 year old filly (just purchased) should she be shoed. We also have a 5 month old colt when do we start shoeing him. We`ve always had older horses and am not sure about these youngsters. The filly is ridden almost daily.
Diane Hi! You don't need to put shoes on them unless they are damaging or wearing the feet down and that necessitates shoes being put on. If they have tough and hard feet, then shoes shouldn't be necessary. A friend had an Appy X that had never worn shoes (up to 18 yrs. of age), but he had incredibly tough, hard feet that stayed in shape, and were unaffected by the roads. If the foot starts to spread in width at the base, in such a manner as to become splay footed (it is called), or chips, or cracks then you must shoe the horse. Weanlings can be shod, but it is recommended that you remove the shoes off of weanlings, yearlings and 2 yr. olds from November through March in order to provide some relief; BUT/and except if the horse has such soft feet that further damage would result from having the shoes removed. Otherwise count your blessings that you don't need to shoe them! Bye, Best, Mary.



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