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Showing Safety Precautions

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3 health precautions for showing a horse and 5 safety and courtesy rul

Showing Safety Precautions

3 health precautions for showing a horse and 5 safety and courtesy rules used when riding or showing your horse
Health Precautions: 1) Make sure that your horse's shots are up to date, flu - rhino - AND his tetanus! 2) Make sure that you do not share water or grain buckets with anyone else at the show, and don't let anyone else use yours either. 3) Make sure to bring along a small travel first aid kit as is found in Tips in Trailer First Aid Pack. Safety or Courtesy: 1) Always pass safely on the inside of a horse at least two horse widths to the inside of unknown horses. 2) Always announce "coming through" if a group of horses/riders are beginning to enter a corner together if you have chosen to come well within the inside of the track. 3) Always keep your horse halted if the other half of the class are performing the hand gallop, do not let your horse wander or fidget while in line at this time. 4) Always have someone on the ground hold your horse rein's a short distance from the bit while you mount at a show or in a group & do not let go until you are mounted & have proper hold of your reins. 5) If a another horse becomes a run away, immediately HALT YOUR OWN HORSE no matter where you are. Bye, Best, Mary.



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