One Of The Greatest Tools For Focus

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What Is An Invaluable Training Aid For Working With Horses?

One Of The Greatest Tools For Focus

One of the greatest tools for training a horse is the use of a Blinker or Blinder Hood.

When a horse is wearing a blinker or a blinder hood his ability to focus is restricted to the immediate front, and rider/driver by feel/voice. Therefore the concentration and focus of the horse is kept to the rider/driver/trainer only.

When using blinkers/blinders keep the training sessions very short (as the concentration & energy the horse uses in singularly focus'ing is tremendous). Keep the training while using the blinker/blinders to no more than 20 minutes.

A warm up and a cool down without the blinkers works great; while using the blinkers/blinders during the training period of focus & determined concentration.

Therefore your workout routine would be:
10 minutes warm up without blinker hood,
20 minutes training with horse wearing blinker hood,
10 minutes of working without blinker hood,
10 minutes of cool down w/out blinker hood.



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