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Getting The Most Of Manes/Tails

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How Do I Get The Most In My Horse Mane/Tail ?

Getting The Most Of Manes/Tails

This all depends on the type of mane and condition; and the climatic conditions of your area.

I prefer to wash the mane/tail in dish soap, then rinse in white vinegar, and then rinse again with Mane/Tail Conditioner. Dry. When 7/8 dry, spray to soak with Show Sheen (I place towels under the mane on the neck; and under the tail over the back legs).

When Dry, then I put the tail up (see Tips in Grooming); and the mane, I only comb out with my fingers WHEN I HAVE THE TIME TO fully SEPARATE ALL OF THE HAIR. Otherwise, I leave it alone.

If you use a hood, make sure that you take it off every day for at least two hours, and make sure to curry the neck well, to keep the circulation moving in this area.



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