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Horses, by J. Warren Evans

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What is a good book that covers Everything in Horse Care?

Horses, by J. Warren Evans

HORSES, by J. Warren Evans DVM.
Published by W.H.Freeman & Company, New York, NY

This book covers all the necessary content of horse ownership. Dr. Evans has written the book in lay terms in a manner that is enjoyable to read and to understand what is written.

J. Warren Evans is currently a Professor of Animal Science at Texas A & M University, and for 15 years was a Professor at University of California, Davis. His wealth of experience with horses and in teaching students comes through in his ability to clearly and accurately portray each of his topics.

This book is not a Training Manual. Training is covered in only the basic approach to horses, and this book does not cover Training, proper Riding Styles or criteria, but he does cover how to properly handle a horse. Anyone wanting depth on Training, Riding Styles or requirements of a particular discipline, needs to review other books.

Beginning with the Introduction, Dr. Evans discuss' ownership obligations, costs, facilities, care, careers, hobby/business, types of insurances.

In selecting a horse, he discuss' seeking help and advise, locating a prospective horse, evaluation, cost in perspective to breed, sex, amount of training, age, size, color, conformation, market values, multiple ownerships, gaits, and defects in gaits, temperment and several other considerations for the perspective buyer of those first few horses.

He then presents an enviable chapter on the evaluations of the physical and mental characteristics of your prospects.

A brief discussion on various breeds, their original purpose, and their current popularity and why. A brief discussion on the registrations, pedigrees, and concerns.

A very good section on barn/facility construction with references made for boarding, loafing, breeding, and a discussion on the uses for exercise and showing or pleasure trail riding.

An excellent section on feeds and feeding. With so much information, most people will not use, but will be so much the better for knowing or at least reading about all the "proven's" of feeds and feeding.

A section on Training, Conditioning, Trailering.

Dr. Evans then discuss' grooming of the horse, his feet; with again enough information to last the lay person an entire lifetime!

He has an excellent section on First Aid, how to recognize illness, and what to do after you have called your Veterinarian. This gives you confidence while you wait!

He provides information about parasites and diseases.

A section on Riding, Driving, Showing, Racing, Rodeo, Trail, Sport Events, Equine Assisted Therapy written as an introduction to the activity, as the Breed section is an introduction to the various breeds of horses.

Dr. Evan's chapters on Breeding, Stallion and Mare care, Pre/Post Foal care, are quite informative, and intensive, providing a great foundation for anyone that fancies attempting that avenue of Horsemanship.

His final chapters are dedicated to pursuing horses as a Business Venture, and he covers contracts, legal issues, insurances (again), records, accounting, staff & their selection, interstate and international guidelines.

This book is an EXCELLENT REFERENCE to anyone that is and is not in horses as a permanent venture. The information is excellent, abundant, and so well portrayed that it makes the reading and the comprehension so very easy and enjoyable.



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