Proper Removal of A Bridle With No Curb/Lip Attachments

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How do you remove a double bridle?

Proper Removal of A Bridle With No Curb/Lip Attachments

To Properly remove a bridle with no curb or lip chain or attachments:

Have a halter with lead rope attached on the near arm. Tie the lead rope around the horse's neck lower than the reins. Place reins at the mid neck length as though for riding. Loop the near arm through the reins. Undo the noseband, then the throatlatch. Take ahold of the crown with far hand. As the bridle comes off of the front of the horse's face, allow the horse to release the bit from his mouth before taking the bit away from the horse. Once the bit is clear/free, then let the bridle slide down the far arm until elbow level. Use the near, and far hand to draw the halter over the horse's head, and fasten on the near side. Slide the reins over the horse's head, and completely remove. Undo the lead rope from the horse's neck, and either cross tie, tether tie, or lead to.....



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