Joining Up VS Breaking

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What is the differences in Breaking A Horse Versus Joining Up?

Joining Up VS Breaking

Joining Up, is running out the energy of the "student". This method, simply runs out the energy. While proving to the horse, that though they be running from the herd, the trainer is still controlling the direction, speed and decisions of the horse. As the horse begins to submit, the trainer is still there, persisting with the original request. Proving to the horses' mind, that yes, he can refuse to obey, but "he will then be run from the herd" until he changes his mind.

And doesn't the horse change his mind from lack of energy to continue to run/or to disobey. In the "run from the herd" the trainer will constantly change the horses' direction, and run the horse in a small space {which uses more energy to repeatedly change direction & then run again in a "tight" space}; as well as repeatedly show the horse that the trainer controls the direction/speed.

For a horse to move at a Canter in a small space, the horse must moved collectedly, which again is a larger energy burner than to run wide open & free in large areas. Running free is also employing a lower stress level, than running in a small space. Stress is another employ of high energy burn.

Natural horsemanship is reported to be faster in its goals, purportedly from the lack of abuse; whereas isn't it really from the rapid energy release that comes by the horses' choice to refuse to obey, and therefore be "run out".

My only statement is that if you are working with a hot or high energy horse, it will still require sufficient amounts of time, and repetition, due to the energy level still being able to instill a stronger will of refusal, for a repeatly longer period of time.

The proven long standing argument AGAINST the "old tyme" method is still: in the times of stress, in times of difficulty, or "when the rubber meets the road", the horse will not be there for you if trained with abuse.

If a horse is at all hot or high energy, (due to the abuse factor utilized in most "Breaking Methods"), combining the deep ingrained memory that horses have, and the negative memories at that moment of "need" controlling the will, results in a horse that will almost always choose flight.

Breaking A Horse, is generally referred to as the "old tyme" method of training.



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