Checking Your Knowledge of Pace/Stride

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How do I test my knowledge of pace/stride of a horse?

Checking Your Knowledge of Pace/Stride

Does your horse automatically adjust his stride comfortably to meet each obstacle in a relaxed and willing manner? As the fences get higher you will have to lengthen stride and increase your impulsion. Almost all courses @ 3' + are set for a 12' stride. Start by setting 2 ground poles perpendicular to the rail of the arena, 46' apart. At a soft, easy canter, you should be able to get 3 strides between the poles. 4 means, you are TOO SLOW--with too short of a stride; and 2 + (chipping) means that you are TOO FAST--with far too long of a stride....that will result in a flat jump...hense rails down.

Horses should be easy, long, lopey between fences never tense, fast or chargy.



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