Course C For 3 Course Competition in 1 Arena

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Suggest a course at schooling level when all levels share course/arena

Course C For 3 Course Competition in 1 Arena

Course “C” Advanced (but not Open) Level
All Fences CAN BE MOVED INSIDE OF track to increase difficulty in control.
2 Change of Rein
Place Timers between “A” and “F” ON TRACK (only if Fences are pulled to inside of track).
Course Changes From Course B to Course C:
Course B: Fence #1-#7/now Fence #5;
Fence #2-stays the same;
Fence #3-becomes a 4 pole vertical w/NO GROUND POLE;
Fence #4-becomes #9 and changes to a 3 rail fan jump
(place the single standard with 3 cups on it, to the inside, with the 3 standards
each 1' apart to form the fan. Standard first in the approach to the fan, on the outside of the jump is set at the lowest height of the 3 standards; next higher,
and final highest. Usually it runs at first set @ 2' @ center standard/ground on first outside pole; next @ 2'3” on center standard w/outside standard at 18”; final center standard cup at 2'9” with the outside set at 2'6”.
Fence #7-becomes a 2 pole vertical
Fence #8-becomes #6, w/NO CHANGES;
Fence #9-becomes a 2 pole vertical;
Fence #10-has a top pole added.

Enter between “A” and “F” DO NOT GO THROUGH TIMERS~! Make a small volte around Fence #5 in approach to Timers, passing through timers to “F” and towards Fence #1,
a vertical of 2 poles at 2'6”.
Ride a bending line “F” “X” “H” on the Left Lead, to Fence #2, located at “H”,
Fence #2, a 4 pole vertical of 2'9”.
Stay inside track “H” “C”, Fence #3 is @ “C”,
a double rail even oxer;
ride on track “C” to “M”, changing rein “M” “X” “K” with (Rider can go to inside/outside of #8 Fence to approach Fence #4),
Fence #4 on diagonal inside of “M”,
Barrel with a top pole at2'9” (Do not add more poles to fill up gap between barrels & poles).
Ride 4 strides on “rein change “M” to “K” to
Fence #5, another Double rail even oxer @ 2'6”.
Stay inside of track, on Left Lead to “A”,
Fence #6 is a X-pole set at 3'.
Fence #7 is Fence #1.
Proceed inside of track to Fence #8
which has a top pole added from Course B,
making this fence a 3' vertical.
Ride on track “M” “C”, then ride a broken line,
or a snake track to “K” and Fence #9, the Fan.
Proceed to Timers to complete the Course C.
This course presents several difficulties:
Entering without going through the TIMERS. Circling small enough to avoid fences and keep on track to get through timers, and proper approach to Fence #1. Next your broken line. Next your outside or inside turn to Fence #4. Tight control Fence #5 to #6. After Fence #6, making sure to NOT GO THROUGH the timers~! On completing #8, deciding to go either outside of Fence #3 to the approach to #9 or if your horse is quick on the turn, turning inside….which I feel is TOO tight and therefore making a direct line to #9, the fan. The fan, the horse will want to jump to the inside, but if they do, they may make the turn to tight to go through the timers~~!

Make sure to have fun, while TESTING your “Jumpers” abilities~!
If a course is too difficult, practice with raising the height, width of a Previous Course~!



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