Course B for a 3 Course Competition In 1 Arena

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Suggest a course at schooling level when all levels share course/arena

Course B for a 3 Course Competition In 1 Arena

Course “B” Intermediate Level
All Fences Built on-track for ease of control.
Possible Difficulties: Entry to fence #1 w/no allowance for circling, but direct to first fence. From #2 to #3 is a vertical, from a stiff oxer with a tight turn (may want to refuse or run to inside due to course on track). #4 around to #5 should be smooth. #5 to #6 is a tight inside turn, but barrels should be inviting. Horse may want to refuse #10 due to vertical/height, and tired. Several areas have short, tight turns requiring control where the horse may want to get strong. Testing Riders ability to control horse's pace.
Course Changes From Course A to Course B:
Course A: Fence #3, Barrels are added.
: Fence #4 becomes #2/#5 but stays the same.
: Fence #5 becomes a 3 pole vertical.
: Fence #6 same changes as #4.
(4 strides from #6 to #7).
: Construct #9 & #10, “F” thru “M”
(with 5 strides apart).
No Timers
2 Change of Rein

Enter between “F” & “A”, proceed to first fence.
On diagonal track “K” to “M”, located halfway
between “K” & “E”.
Fence #1 Double X-pole/Oxer of 2'3”.
Swing towards “M” staying inside of Fence #10,
changing rein to “C”. Fence #2 located at “C”.
Double rail even oxer of 2'6”.
Stay on track on Left Lead to “H”, Fence #3,
a vertical of 3 rails at 2'3”.
Stay on track, count 6 strides,
to “K”, Fence #4,
a Double X-pole/Oxer of 2'3”.
Ride “K” “A” ”F” inside of track,
change rein “F” “X” “H”,
Stay on track “H” to “C”,
Fence #5 is Fence #2
(that is why it must be square, even
from both sides, with no ground pole~!)
Ride “C” to “M”,
change rein “M” “X” “K”, with Fence #6
(this was Fence #3/#8 in Course A)
a 3 Barrel w/top pole of 2'6”.
Proceed 4 strides to Fence #7 (alias #1)
Double X-pole/Oxer at 2'3”. Stay on
track to “A” on Left Lead to Fence #8.
A Single X-pole of 2'9”.
Stay on track “A” to “F”, count 5 strides,
Fence #9 is at “F”,
another single X-pole of 2'.
Stay on track on Left Lead “F” to “M”, and
Fence #10 is at “M” on track,
a double plank vertical of 2'9”.
Course Completed.



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