Course A For a 3 Level Competition In 1 Arena

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Suggest a course at schooling level when all levels share course/arena

Course A For a 3 Level Competition In 1 Arena

Design of 3 Course Levels Within 1 Arena
Arena Size Minimum 125' X 75'
(All Designed For Use on One Day)

Necessary Equipment:
(as per Design…can be modified accordingly)
22 Standards
21 Poles
44 Jump Cups
2 Timer Standards/Posts
2 Planks
3 Barrels

Course “A” Beginner Level
All Fences Built on-track for ease of beginners' control.
Should not present any points of difficulty for Rider.
Can be ridden at the trot if the Club/Riders' prefer.
No Timers
All Even # Fences are Dbl.
X-pole/Oxers(except #8)
All Odd # Fences are Single
2 Change of Rein

Enter on long side between “A” & “F”.
Proceed inside of Track around course.
Proceed on Right Lead approaching “A”.
#1 Fence located on track @ “A”.
Single X-pole of 18”.
Proceed on-track to “K”,
Change Rein “K” to “M”,
2 strides to Fence #2,
Fence #2 is Double X-pole/Oxer of 2'.
Count 4 strides to Fence #3, a single
X-pole oxer of 2'.
At “M” stay on track to “C”.
Fence #4 is at “C”,
Double X-pole/Oxer of 18”.
Stay on track on Left Lead to “H”,
@ “H” is Fence #5,
a single X-pole @ 2'H.
Stay on track to “K”,
Fence #6 is a double X-pole/oxer
of 2'h.
Stay on track, on Left Lead to “A”
Fence #7 is Fence #1.
Change Rein “F” to “H”,
and Fence #8 (was #5 from other direction)
a 2' Single X-Pole.
Course Completed.



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