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Apprenticing - Presenting Yourself

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What is the best manner to present myself as an apprentice?

Apprenticing - Presenting Yourself

Be clean, well groomed, neat & tidy & appropriate in dress for Discipline/work, and ON TIME! Talk to others in areas that you are NOT interested in to discover fully the needs of Professionals so that you can cover these things in your presentation. For Instance, you are interested in pursuing Dressage....since Dressage is used in Eventing, ask professionals or their grooms in Eventing, what is of greatest value to that Professional in an assistant, and modify the comments to present a clear, specific and accurate picture to the Dressage Professional(s) that you want to solicite. Or ask other grooms of Dressage Professionals, or ask when out of town at shows. You want your preliminary work to be performed on others than the Professionals that you seek work from. In your presentation, have a Resume, that also visualizes what it is that you will be saying, as a complete reminder after you have left your appointment.



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