Riding Horses That Pull

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What are physical problems affecting a pulling horse?

Riding Horses That Pull

A puller should always have the mouth & teeth checked first. Check for sores, tumors, abscess, cuts or bruises.



7/3/2012 7:04:36 AM
Roseanne said:

My mare has always pulled and yanked at the reins on the way back from a hack. This I think is a combination of habit, and discomfort, although she has her teeth regularly checked, and as she is now 18, has regular physio. I have had varying advice from people on how to prevent this yanking, none of which seem to do the trick, and it's extremely hard on my hands when she does this. The only thing which has worked, for me, is if I lift up both reins above her withers (I don't pull back)and I wonder if maybe this is a bitting problem. I use a loose-ring snaffle, which she doesn't ever object to when I tack up. Any advice welcome. Roseanne


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