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Before/After Riding

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How Do I Mix Liniments & Braces Correctly?

Before/After Riding

Braces & Liniments as Deep Muscle Therapy after/before workouts (& YOUR HORSE WILL LOVE YOU 4 IT~!) I mix according to the directions, only sufficient amount for each time, and mix with HOT WATER to increase muscle relaxation.

Before Workouts: Mist from a Spray Bottle all down the neck, the back, the hip, the legs...front & back, the underline, the chest. Cover with a cooler. Mist the lower leg lightly. Wrap the lower legs with Polo Wraps. Let stand about 15 minutes, or long enough to properly clean tack & prepare for riding!

After Workouts: Sponge on liberally. Cover with a cooler. Fresh wrap Polo Wraps. Clean Tack.

Remove Cooler & if damp, put on a light cotton sheet under the blanket. Cotton is a ventilated fabric, allowing heat to escape, and the dampness to evaporate.



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