Free Lungeing of Your Horse

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How Do I Free Lunge A Horse?

Free Lungeing of Your Horse

To Free Lunge Your Horse:
1) put on properly fitting splint or leg boots....front & back legs.
2) put on properly fitting bell boots on front feet only.
3) put on a halter, completely fastening all keepers.
4) walk horse into the arena, taking a lunge whip.
5) double check that all gates/openings are securely closed & latched; and that there are no other horses or riders in the arena at the current time. Leave the lunge whip inside the gate area of the arena.
6) walk the horse away from the entrance, to a safe area in which to turn him loose. Not close to objects or walls or gates. Turn the horse to face you, and then unhook the lead shank.

Some horses once they know they are free, will buck, strike, and just plain throw a "wild kid" fit, so walk backwards or away being fully aware of what the horse is doing. Go get the lunge whip, and whenever the horse is showing signs of "lazing off", crack the whip a couple of times, and that should get him/her off and running again.

Once a horse knows that he is protected, he will come to love his "free play time" as much as he loves to see you or his "goodies". It is good for them to be able to run off steam without having to balance with a rider all the time. So try to let them have this fun time at least once a month, preferably once a week~!



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