Gestation & Signs of Foaling

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How Do I Know When My Horse Is Foaling?

Gestation & Signs of Foaling

Gestation is 11 months.

Foaling can be 24 hours. Make sure to notify the Vet, reminding him at least 2 weeks before foaling is DUE. Some signs of foaling being may or may not notice that throughout pregnancy the mare may frequently push her rear quarters against something for support (a wall, a post, boards...), when she is getting ready to foal however, she will push her head against objects in order to assist her in pushing and bearing down. She will eat (but unless this is her first foal), will eat only lightly & will pick at her hay, and will pick more frequently as the foaling draws near. She will lay down more and more. She will become more aloof; whereas once pregnant mares usually become far more affectionate & dependant.



4/23/2007 5:49:56 PM
Linda said:

very good tip.
my mare has become more dependant on me and is now at 360 days is less so and cranky.


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