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What Is The Best Way To Bit A Horse?


When Introducing a NEW MOUTHPIECE to your horse.

Then put the bridle on without reins attached.

Lock him in his stall for an hour every day (even 2X daily).....I do this while they are eating their grain (then remove the bridle while they eat their hay).

After doing this for a week or sometimes two, they will not mind the bit at all.

Doing bitting this way, doesn't make them hate you while you are riding, and the grain makes them not think the "stall bitting" is as bad as it could be if it was "just for the purposed of bitting".

Before Riding for the first or second time or two, try lungeing with the bridle on, but with side reins or any other training devices attached to the dees on the halter or lunge caveson NOT TO THE NEW BIT!!!....that way making sure that their is no pain or control or misuse of the new bit linked in the horse's mind to the new bridle or bit.



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