Don't Create A Fear Of YOU!

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How Do I Get My Horse Not To Overreact To Anything That Scares Him?

Don't Create A Fear Of YOU!

In helping your horse to overcome his fears, don`t create fear within him of you.

Especially when a horse must overcome some difficult past experiences, don`t you loose your temper or react poorly to his reactions, `causing fear of you.

When a horse has had a bad or difficult past, he would rather flee the situation rather than confront it and be free of the fear; this increases with his age. In his mind he is free of the fear simply by running away. So always make sure that when undertaking to confront past bad experiences, to have the time, patience, and the control not to loose your temper, or react, or reiterate with anything that the horse will interpret as abuse. In his mind, he will think, this is worse that simply running away in the beginning.

Patience, time, lots of space to have repetition upon repetition upon repetition will overcome almost anything, no matter what the age of the horse.

Remember to end every session with the horse adoring you, respecting you, and trusting you. Thereby building trust & respect upon trust & respect.



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