Respect Confronting Fear

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How Do I Get My Horse Not To Overreact To Anything That Scares Him?

Respect Confronting Fear

In confronting horses` fears first they should respect you. Everything else if they do this is relatively easy. If they don`t trust or respect you yet, then facing, overcoming, confronting fears will be very difficult for them & you both.

The smaller the area in which to work, the better. Round Pens are GREAT for doing difficult work, such as facing and coming to grips with fears or scary objects. As well as building trust & respect for YOU! So think through every situation before you begin.

John Lyons has excellent procedures in working with a horse in a round pen, and overcoming fear while at the same time, building trust & respect for you as the horse`s handler. Remember to think the matter through thoroughly before beginning. Try not to create fear where there is none to begin with. Such as in sacking out a horse, spend a long time simply running the towel, sack, rope or whatever all over their body first, making sure that they are calm & comfortable with each development before starting the next. If a horse isn`t afraid of an object, then don`t use it to create fear, unless you have the time to make sure to reinstill the trust that same day!

WITH HORSES ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS, KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID WORKS THE BEST, and always very small amounts of work on the emotions at one time.



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