Ground Manners

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How Do I Get My Horse To Stop Bad Riding Habits That Have Developed?

Ground Manners

Getting annoyed that ground manners are all but forgotten? Then let's get these manners back under control EVERYTIME you are grooming, tacking up/untacking or handling your horse! These manners include not standing still while you are grooming or tacking up/untacking, being difficult to catch out in the pasture/paddock, walking overtop of you, not respecting your space, etc.

After 30 days, repetition of the good verses the bad on a moment by moment, day to day basis, should get those respectable ground manners back to where they should be!

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1/29/2007 3:06:20 PM

When leading my horse, he ends up way ahead of me,or he is practiclly walking on me. How do I get him to walk at my side without getting ahead of me, or walking faster than me?


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