Retraining Old Horses-Brief Overview

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Quick Tips To Retraining Older Horses?

Retraining Old Horses-Brief Overview

For tips on training an old depends on what the old horse has done, and what it is that you want to do; and the horse's willingness, and past treatment. I have retrained several older horses, and the most important ingredients is to get them to trust & respect you. This is accommplished by never allowing them to be hurt in the process of anything you are doing, and if they are hesitant or reluctant, to first BE SURE that what is requested is not hurting or scaring them. Fear & mistrust are their two biggest handicaps to learning!



7/4/2011 7:27:15 AM
Trudy Sorrells said:

I totally agree with you. I had an older horse with great fear issues. Now she is 100% turnaround and she is just the greatest.

Cheers, Trudy


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