Dealing With Fears/Anxieties

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How Do I Deal With Fears/Anxieties/Troubling Thoughts?

Dealing With Fears/Anxieties

To Conquer Fears/Anxieties on a physical level, you MUST first conquer the fears/anxieties on your mental level. You will never overcome the body, until you have conquered the thoughts that seep into the mind.

Once you have the mental defended & controlled, then the body will begin to relax. With the body relaxed or even "controlled" the horse will follow the commands that the rider gives him quite quickly without inverting into his own "defence" or "coming on-guard" attack mode in his trying to understand why the rider is stiff and tense and therefore thinking that he needs to battle these unseen "demons" all by himself as he perceives his rider to have gone rigid from the mental attack!!! He will now sense that you are working together on tasks between you both, not on the unseen foes that try to disrupt your progress!



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