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Fly Spray That Works

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Fly Spray, What Works? Natural & Chemical?

Fly Spray That Works

Personally, I am not against zapping the annoying little @#$@$@ with chemicals, and I have found that Farnam's "Wipe" has always worked for the south, and the PNW.

But, for those that are allergic, or for owners that don't like trusty chemicals, there is a remedy that actually works!

So here goes, mix in a fly spray bottle in these ratios:

1/4 bottle Apple Cider Vinegar
1/4 bottle Water (hose/tap type is great...U aren't drinking it!)
1/2 bottle White Vinegar

Make SURE to shake well before each spraying. Being all natural, spray until wet. Feed morning grain/hay AFTER spraying so horse can dry before being Turned Out for the day; and then TO for the day free of flies, and mosquitoes!



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