English Gaited Horses

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What Is A Gaited Horse?

English Gaited Horses

Gaited Horses have man made gaits as well as the 3 natural gaits (walk-trot-canter). Icelandic's, Fjords, Tennessee Walkers, Fox Trotters, and many, many other breeds have an additional man made gait, for 4 gaits. Usually referred to as the Running Walk.

The American Saddlebred, has 5 gaits, 2 man made (Slow Gait & the Rack) and the 3 natural gaits.



1/14/2009 3:33:23 PM
ASB girl said:

Please know your history and be accurate in your comments. The rack and slow gait are not man made... many horses are naturally gated. These horse do a four beat gait!!! They do it naturally, the colts and fillies do it in the field before they are trained, they either can or cannot do it... you can not train or force an ASB to this gate!


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