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A Perfect Fit

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How should I fit a saddle?

A Perfect Fit

When it comes to precision equipment like Australian saddles, it's important that they are a perfect fit for the rider and the horse. A saddle that doesn't fit correctly will affect the movement of the horse, thus decreasing the amount of control a rider has over the animal. A saddle should fit like a Every horse has a unique build and you need to fit a saddle according to its body type. Here are some important tips on fitting a saddle:

• The saddletree must not fall behind the animal's shoulders—it should fit across the withers.

• The entirety of the panel must be touching the horse's back.

• After the girth has been secured, you should have enough space to place two fingers between the gullet and the withers.

• The saddle should hold the rider in the deepest part, not sagging one way or the other. Both sides must be level.

• You should never put a saddle on a weak, unhealthy horse. Saddles are designed to fit well across well-toned, healthy animals.

• Always buy saddles from someone who is qualified and is willing to give you a guarantee.



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