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Why Buy Australian Saddles?

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Why should I buy an Australian saddle?

Why Buy Australian Saddles?

Do you need an incentive to buy an Australian saddle? Well, if you are a good rider, the Australian saddle will make a big impact on your form, making you an even better rider. To attach an Australian saddle to the animal, a super-efficient double girthing system is used. Both the overgirth and the attached billet straps fasten right to the girth using an exclusive leverage system. The double girthing system makes it possible a rider to cinch the saddle more tightly and efficiently—this drastically lessens the risk of slippage. And, if a billet strap were to break, the overgirth would provide added safety. If you break horses professionally, this will make it a safer process. And, if you are new to riding, the safety that an Australian saddle ensures will give you an extra boost of confidence—it will be lot easier to learn when you're not terrified.

The Australian saddle was orginally designed for trail riding - it is the only saddle designed specifically for the rider's safety (keeping the rider in that seat). English saddles were designed for dressage and jumping, Western saddles for roping, and Australian saddles were designed for tough riding. In fact, the Australian saddle was invented almost 200 years as the answer to long hours in the saddle, dangerous conditions, and risky landscapes. It is often referred to as the safest possible saddle for trail riding—who doesn't want a little extra security?



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