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Do Your Horse's Laundry!

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How should I do my horse's laundry?

Do Your Horse's Laundry!

Your English saddle is going to get dirty. Your horse is going to do the laundry, so it's up to you to help keep the animal clean! It's a great idea to keep a big laundry basket on hand in the stable or barn where you can toss all of the washables. Be sure to toss grooming towels, leg wraps, saddle pads, saddle covers, etc. All of these can get extremely dirty! You should do at least one load of stable laundry a week. Terrycloth towels, track bandages, fleece pads, leg quilts, cotton pads, and polo wraps are all machine washable as well as safe for the dryer.

Some shipping boots can be tossed right into the machine—only if they are small to medium in size and are composed of fleece, Velcro, and nylon. If, however, your boots are larger and made out of stiffer materials you should wash them by hand and leave them out to dry.



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