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Choosing a Noseband

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What type of noseband should I use on my horse?

Choosing a Noseband

If you are a new rider, you may be unfamiliar to the world of English tack. Could a new noseband be beneficial to your horse? Many new riders continue using the noseband that came with their bridle not realizing that there are a lot of alternatives that might be better for their specific horse. Here are some great nosebands to try out if you want to find the best fit for your equine:

A Cavesson is the standard noseband (it usually comes with the bridle). If your horse is larger, however, you may want to choose one with a wider noseband. If your horse is on the small side you'll probably want to opt for a thinner cavesson. Try different sizes on your animal to ensure that you get the correct fit. Cavessons should sit beneath the horse's cheekbones and not hinder the bit.

A dropped noseband is much better for controlling a horse than a standard cavesson. The dropped noseband should sit below the bit, but do not place it too low or you could injure the animal or block the breathing.

The Figure Eight Noseband makes it easier for the horse to breathe—for this reason it is often selected for racing and event horses. It works fantastically with a gag bit, as it will not hinder the bit at all. Do not use a standing martingale with a figure eight noseband, as it will hinder the martingale's function, making it worthless.



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