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Adjust Your Bridle

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How should I adjust my bridle?

Adjust Your Bridle

When it comes to English tack and the show ring, it's important that you get your horse looking polished and well tailored before stepping in front of the judges. Is your horse projecting the right kind of image? Image is everything so it is essential that your horse look perfect. One of the most important aspects of your horse's appearance is the bride. Make sure that your horse has a properly adjusted English bridle. Not sure how to adjust a bridle? Here are some pointers:

• Begin by adjusting the cheek pieces of the bridle in such a way that a wrinkle forms on either side of your horse's mouth as a result of the bit.

• If you would like to add an extra air of sophistication to your animal, position the buckles of the cheek piece so that they are even on either side and sit beside the largest eye bones. If the buckles won't sit right, have them adjusted by a professional.

• When buckling the throatlatch you don't want to choke the horse. There should be enough space underneath it for your fist.

• The noseband should rest a finger-width beneath the cheekbones of the animal so adjust the cavesson accordingly. And, after buckling the noseband you should easily be able to fit two fingers underneath it.

• Make sure that the brow band sits in that natural hollow under the animal's ears. It should also sit straight on the forehead.



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