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Keep Those Britches in Place!

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How can I keep myself from slipping around in my English saddle?

Keep Those Britches in Place!

English saddles can hard to get used to. Many English riders complain that they have great difficulty correctly sitting a canter and trot because they slip around while sitting in the saddle. As a last resort, many English riders will use full seat britches. These britches often require special care, run a bit pricey, and can be pretty uncomfortable.

Instead of shelling out big bucks and jeopardizing your comfort, here is a simple solution: saddle soap in your tack box. Prior to riding, rub the saddle soap all over the leather of your saddle. This method will offer adequate tackiness without completely adhering your bottom to the saddle. It won't damage the saddle and it can easily be washed out of britches. Finally, you can stay put.



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