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Keep up with Western Fashion!

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What should I wear to a Western show?

Keep up with Western Fashion!

Proper Western apparel is a must when show time arrives. It's in your best interest to go for a refined, up-to-date turnout that will put you in the spotlight and boost your self-esteem. A good rule of thumb is to go easy on the wardrobe embellishments. We all know that a little sparkle is an eye-catcher but you don't want to blind the judges by shining brighter than the North Star! Keep your rhinestones, silver beading, and plastic gems in moderation.

Also, thinks in terms of comfort. While it is important to look good, it's also important to feel good. No matter how snazzy the outfit, the grimace on your face from those too-tight pants or scratchy shirt will take away from the look. Think soft, breathable fabrics. Make sure that the fabric is stretchy and that it fits well.

Like all fashion, Western show fashion changes over time. Before choosing an outfit for your show, scope out the hottest trends. Check out what riders in current shows are wearing and read up in Western magazines. Don't show up wearing last season's line!



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