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Horse Dental Care

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How can I tell if horse has a dental problem?

Horse Dental Care

If your horse is constantly tossing his head, moving stiffly in a certain direction, riding unsteadily, or bending his neck you probably have a problem on your hands. Some horses exhibit these behaviors as a form of defiance. However, all of these behaviors are common actions of a horse suffering from some kind of dental ailment. You may need to get to the root of the problem—the horse's mouth. In addition, watch to see if he is dropping his feed (this is also a sign of a tooth-related problem).

If teeth have recently become pointed and are stabbing into the animal's cheek he may respond by performing any of the aforementioned actions. A horse's immediate reaction to the pain is to move his head in a manner that prevents the teeth from cutting into the now painful area of his mouth.

Pick up one of the many horse care books on teeth that are available to help guide you through the prevention, care, and treatment of dental problems.



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